Instagram now has 500 million users with 300 million active every day

The Facebook owned photo sharing company has reached 500 million users previously it was around 400 users it seems that the company has 300 million active users has its helm. As we all know Facebook is a social networking platform and as for Instagram it is an acquirement by Facebook. The photo sharing platform known as Instagram seems to have garnered 500 million users where 300 million users are active on the daily basis.
The app known as Instagram sparked to success and it is a milestone that it has reached 500 million markup but it is far behind from the assets owned by Facebook but most of them are social networking apps and as for Instagram it is a photo sharing app consisting of many users who make remarkable efforts to post various kinds of pictures all around.
Instagram hosts various celebrities as well and hosts various users from around the world as well. Mostly the number could primarily be achieved due, to the growing numbers of users from all around the world and from the states as well.
All in all it seems the Facebook owned photo sharing platform is exceling with more active and promising users adding to the roster of millions.
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