Note 7 to launch on August 2nd, will have water resistance.

Samsung is among the few companies which has made it big and is gaining prominence through its big spectrum of technological offerings, at the current day and time the Galaxy S lineup is really thriving.

The most unique and competitive smartphone which stood up from the Galaxy of flagships is the note lineup being offered by Samsung. The unique thing about the note is that it offers high end specs superior hardware and the all so graceful stylus. The note 5 was a good iteration from the manufacturer but it didn't live up to the hype is being the phone it was before like it didn't have expansion nor did it allow the users to pop out the battery. It was a polar opposite from its previous iteration

From rumor speculations it has been said that the new note will launch on August 2. Furthermore, it has been said that it will consist of water resistance along with the possibility of being dust proof. The note being waterproof is a first in the note series the previous offerings did not have such protection or resistance in terms of dust and water. As for the other specs, the new note will consist of an edged screen which is somewhat introducing the edged screen to the common user instead of it only being a thing for the niche user.

August 2nd is far from dawning but the wait and the hype train will still be chugging. We hope the note has a stellar camera, great above average battery life and superior speed in terms of the whole user interface.

All, in all it seems the new note 7 sounds to be a promising device consisting of bright specs maybe it might be one of those devices which sets the standard for being a true flagship with all the essentials like outstanding battery life, stellar camera and utmost fluid performance and clean and less bloated user interface.

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