Pokémon Go hits 7.5 million downloads a true milestone

Pokémon, being one of the most trailblazing offering, has now regained its prominence through the means of the new Pokémon Go app which is basically an adventure game that catches the essence of the quest for being the very best Pokémon master if you did not get that one well where were you for the past decades or you might just have been born after the Pokémon dominated era but still now, you are here and here is what you should know.

Nostalgia is truly a powerful thing the app has gained 10 million active download on the android OS and as for the iOS variant of the spectrum, it is not yet confirmed but still this truly is a milestone of an achievement. Only talking about the estimation in case of the US audience it is said that 7.5 million downloads and installs have been made in the United States which is a total of download and installs in Android and iOS.

Pokémon GO is a truly bright experience which gets the user out of the comfort zone and out and about in the open world ‘cause that is where the Pokémon’s are awaiting for their new trainers plus there is plenty of evolutions and gym battles and strengthening going on.  

All in all, if you were a fan of Pokémon then, nostalgia will pull you in will make you hop on to the bandwagon of the whole Pokémon frenzy but if you are not one then, one can always give it a go.

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