Pokémon Go now is the biggest mobile game to hit the US

Pokémon has a long history of being one of the most relevant and still running series but as for the context of the new adventure game known by the name of Pokémon Go. It is one of the few titles which has hit it really big. The game is available in both platforms Android and iOS it has no yet seen a worldwide release but can be operated and played in the US and other regions but it has not debuted as a worldwide spectrum but in the upcoming days it might.

According to a recent data given out by online polling company known by the name of Survey Monkey it has been said that the Pokémon Go application is one of the biggest mobile game in the history of the US to board 21 million daily active users, which is modestly in comparison  20million more than a similar frenzy game in the year of 2013 known as Candy Crush Saga.
Within three days of its official release the app has brought in more users than Twitter plus had exceeded at the top of the app store earning skyrocketing revenues for its publisher Niantic which basically shows how big of a potential the game has exceeded. The game has not been rolled out to the worldwide users but it can be said as soon as it gets released well, records and limits might make history in terms of the whole app ecosystem and the app’s prominence.

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