Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is likely to be available with curved edge display only

Samsung is one of the most versatile manufacturer of phones out their they offer mid-range phones to high-end and low end as well, as time passed by the company has been prominent and leading the way for the phones it has launched. 
The most promising phones from the manufacturer were the Galaxy line up and the Note line up as well. Since, the early days Samsung has launched various types of phones, most noticeably the edge variant of the galaxy lineup where the iterations after the Samsung Galaxy S5 brought out the best of Samsung.
The offerings by Samsung are good and reliable and as for the note lineup it was a game changer. There are few things Samsung durably excelled like launching the note line up in the time where the age of phablets and big screen was niche. Then, came the note lineup which kick started the company to amend success.
But as the note lineup started to grow and gain momentum of success gradually, the note lineup as well as the galaxy lineup decipher next variants of devices with edged screens which was dependent on the choice factor regarding the consumer’s desire factor.
The edge versions of Samsung were a promising success as well now, as speculations and rumors have begun to rise up regarding the next iteration of what Samsung has to offer next in terms of their note lineup  it seems there is a slight probability that the new iteration of the note lineup will only consist of the curved or edged version and there might not be a version with flat screen. All of the rumors are speculations so, do take them with a grain of salt and you never know what Samsung has under sleeves before the official launch of the brand new successors to the note lineup.
All in all the it seems that the hype train for the note lineup has begun and is taking a full speed approach.
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