Updated Facebook Messenger Brings SMS integration

Facebook one of the leading social network around the world is known to all and is used by all. The Facebook messenger is the chat friendly version of Facebook where it integrates and allows the user to connect with family and friends.
The latest iteration of the Facebook messenger app brings a new feature to the app which consist of SMS integration which is not a new thing in the realm of smartphones but it is a new change in context of the Facebook messenger app.
Well, basically the new integration allows the user to access SMS from the phone and allows the user to send, read and review messages. The latest iteration of change is always a welcome edition. The messenger app from Facebook is capable of sending and receiving messages, connecting with family and friends either by calling or video calling or even by sending online messages with emoticons, Gifs, pictures, documents, attachments and so on and so forth but now, the new integration allows users to access their SMS as well.
The good things about the app is that it offers users the availability to use it without the use of a Facebook ID as well just by registering the number plus now, it offers multiple user logins as well which is always a welcome edition. In addition, it offers the user to add other users simply by scanning a code which is commonly displayed in the messenger.
The chat heads offered by the app is one of the key features which set it apart but the link between Facebook and the app really strengthens the strengths of the app. All of the perks of the app are good.
Overall, the new updates which are coming are welcomed edition of changes they bring good applicability and make the app one of the most dynamic apps.
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