Windows 10’S Major Update is Available Now

A major update for Windows 10 has been made available by Microsoft. The update is optimized for devices able to run the Windows operating system namely PCs and tablets.
The update provides various improvements and bug fixes to the evergreen Windows operating system.
In an important perspective, the major update brings
Performance improvement.
Less time to boot nearly 30% faster boot than windows 7 running on the same hardware.
Enhancements to Cortana.
Integration of various bug fixes and patches.
All of the updates were mostly possible due, to the participation of the users who were involved at the Windows Insiders program.
So, we the team at also tried out the major update and we can surely say that the experience has been satisfying.
But there are still some bugs which are still plaguing the device like for instance some users are getting stuck at 44% during the update time, but this too can be resolved with easement.
At a conclusion, is the major update for Windows 10 worth the gist, well yeah why not all it does is improve the user experience and makes the daily chores done in a device more reliable so why not try it.
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